Who is planning your growth? (Kigali Edition)

Growth is intentional and self-awareness is the source of your success! John C. Maxwell says in order to reach your…

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Who is planning your growth? (Kigali Edition)

Thank you all awesomely wonderful people for joining the campaign for #personalgrowth. #RwandaNziza #JMTCoach #pursuersofgrowth

Date: July 26th, 2016

It was an awesome morning today!! I had an honor and privilege to connect and share leadership principles with the Executive team at Urwego Opportunity Bank.

" a true leader touches a heart before asking for a hand" – JM

“Being in power or leadership is like being a lady, if you have to remind people you are, then you are not" – Margaret Thatcher

Date: July 29th, 2016

I met an awesome team today, ICT gurus in Rwanda, to discuss my favorite topic….. " the true measure of leadership is influence" – JM, so how big or small is your influence?

August 8th, 2016

Had another great time at “a learning afternoon" with Serena management team. Interesting group of leaders. Looking forward to future collaboration.