Dr. Margaret Udahogora
Dietetics Program Director
"Thanks very much again for having me. I feel so encouraged and woke up this morning thinking about what I was going to "write" today in my story . I started with my prayer and I am ready to be intentional. I look forward to Thursday"
Antoinette Kanyabutembo
International Monetary Fund
"Amazing 'master mind on intention living', very interesting topic. I will recommend any one to take it. My take out for the first session: each one of us has a story, don't die with it, write it down and don't allow any body to write your story since you're the hero of your own story: the key author of your own book. I am ready for the next session! Proud of you Annet."
Mutoni Karasanyi
Communications Specialist at World Bank
"This group was truly a unique & timely experience to reassess my personal and professional growth, and develop strategies to become more 'intentional' going forward. "
Endrias H. Zewde M.S.
Sr. UI/UX Designer
"Annet's coaching has helped me to enhance my leadership potential and be recognized by top management for the value I bring to the organization."